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girls JV volleyball
by posted 10/18/2019

Hi everyone,

Need to make a correction-NO GAMES this Sunday this week just Tuesday the 22nd at MMR 6:30pm and 7pm. These will be our last two practice more practices. 


Next Sunday(27h):

We are playing at ST ROSE, need to be there by 3:45 pm, and we are team 4


Region 20 jv pool play – Sunday, October 27, 2019

The jv pool play day will take place on Sunday, October 27th.  Four teams will report to each gym.  Pool Play begins at 4:00 and teams should arrive 15 minutes before.  The day will begin with all teams saying a prayer together and all teams will be given any necessary instructions by the referee.  There are no start times for games except the first one – the games begin ASAP – as soon as the possible when the game before is finished.  In order for the girls to learn how tournament play works, the teams will play 2 – 21 point sets, win by 2, with a cap of 27, which means the score will start at 4 - 4.  We will not switch sides; teams will stay on the same side when they play.  Each team will play during pool play and each team will “work” one or two times.  The “work” team will consist of 2 girls who will call lines and will need to report to the referee.  At least one girl will work the score table by flipping or putting the score on the scoreboard UNLESS the home team wants their own adult on their scoreboard.  Cell phones and food are not permitted at the score table.  The pool play will begin at 4:00.  Good Luck to all teams and thanks for a great season!


We are playing at ST ROSE, need to be there by 3:45 pm, and we are team 4

1.Mater dei blue
2.Cc red
3.Mater dei black


4 TEAM POOL PLAY          

1 v 4 (team 2 works)                                              

2 v 3 (team 1 works)                                                                                

1 v 3 (team 4 works)                                              

2 v 4 (team 1 works)              

3 v 4 (team 2 works)

1 v 2 (team 3 works)


Any questions, let me know.

Thanks, Frank

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JV Volleyball Update
by posted 10/08/2019

Hi everyone,

We have two games Sun (20) and two games (22)-website was acting up so wanted to make sure everyone checks the schedule.  The tournament info has not come out so I keep you posted as soon as I know anything.  If everyone could bring a canned good to PRACTICE this week (tonight) or next week that would be great.  Since the games are not home games, collecting there will be a bit more challenging but will accept donations anytime.  Thank you!


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by posted 09/06/2019

Please check under JV Girls Volleyball NEW tab on left of this message for the latest info for our specific team.  You should be receiving texts/emails about practices and games individually. 

For the St Jude home games we are responsible for setting up/taking down the nets and bleachers if we are the first or last team playing so all team members (and parents) are kindly asked to assist. 

Also, parents need to help run the snack bar during our games - typically we've had enough parents offer, but can work on a schedule if needed.

Lastly, all CYO teams are encouraged to contribute to a charity (toy collection or food donation- team members brought in a new toy or canned food, etc). If anyone has any ideas or would like to organize this, it would be greatly appreciated. 

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